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150 Years of Impact
From its very beginnings in the East End of London in 1865, The Salvation Army has strived to serve suffering neighbors. Poverty has a way of making people invisible. Our goal has always been to see the hurting and the lost, and to see them through.

There will always be a need for no-questions-asked, no-obligation help to those in crisis. Always. We’ve been doing it for 150 years, and we have no intention of stopping now.

At The Salvation Army, very few strangers receive assistance.

That is not to say that new people aren’t seeking our help each day. They are. When a person seeks help at The Salvation Army for the first time, they may not be known. We get to know the people we serve with a holistic approach. We find that a person in need of rent assistance is often not eating sufficient nutritional meals. A person battling addiction often finds it hard to come by stable shelter.

“Our Chamber membership is one of the important ways that we place value on our relationships with other business owners and with our community. “ Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor
“Chamber membership helps keep my staff in contact with the local business community through their seminars and events.” – Michael Tucker, Greenfield Cooperative Bank
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