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About Us

Flexible, on-demand coworking space in the
heart of Downtown Greenfield. Here at Greenspace we design offices that invite you to bring your Passion to work. Through the yellow door and up three flights, a modest wood entryway opens into a gorgeous expanse of aged brick-and-beam juxtaposed with modern splashes of urban sprawl. The multi-tiered layout reflects the calming muted greens and natural earth-tones of the surrounding valley, meandering like an oxbow on the nearby Deerfield River until breaking off into eddies of private meeting nooks. The landscape is dotted with plants and workers alike. Three long rows of windows splash ample amounts of natural sunlight across a variety of hand-crafted seating options, with an assortment of hanging filament bulbs to illuminate the coffee-fueled night owls. Look out our historic 3rd floor view over the city common; you are constantly reminded of our local heritage as we stride towards a future of innovation, accessibility and economic resurgence. Experience a comfortable, connected and secure culture that addresses the modern challenges facing a diverse 21st century workforce. Indulge in the locally-brewed coffee and Free amenities. Explore your city and take advantage of all the discount cowork perks with our neighboring partners.

“Our Chamber membership is one of the important ways that we place value on our relationships with other business owners and with our community. “ Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor
“Chamber membership helps keep my staff in contact with the local business community through their seminars and events.” – Michael Tucker, Greenfield Cooperative Bank
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