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Greenfield Cooperative Bank and Northampton Cooperative Bank, a Division of Greenfield Cooperative Bank, is a local community bank.

We are a state chartered mutual bank, with deposits insured in full up to $250,000.00 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and amounts above $250,000.00 by the Depositors Insurance Fund (“DIF”) for Massachusetts, regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. GCB has been serving Franklin County since 1905 and NCB has been serving Hampshire County since 1889.

We are proud of our bank's unique history of stability, commitment, and community involvement. We have received strong recognition for our efforts under the Community Reinvestment Act, and we promise to continue this high level of performance and dedication to our customers and the community. Our board of directors is comprised of community leaders who are successful in their own professions, and dedicated to overseeing and guiding the Bank's operations to ensure continuation of its standard of excellence.

“Our Chamber membership is one of the important ways that we place value on our relationships with other business owners and with our community. “ Bruce Lessels, Zoar Outdoor
“Chamber membership helps keep my staff in contact with the local business community through their seminars and events.” – Michael Tucker, Greenfield Cooperative Bank
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